Sarracenia Purpurea Topical Spray

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Sarracenia Purpurea Topical Spray used to treat pox type viruses, inflammation, skin ailments, wound healing and eye disorders. The Purple Pitcher Plant.

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Topical spray Sarracenia Purpurea is a product that uses the extract of the Purple Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous plant native to North America, as its main ingredient. Sarracenia Purpurea is known to be used for Pox type viruses including Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Monkey Pox and Herpes.

Other benefits are:

  • reducing inflammation, redness, swelling, and itching caused by various skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and insect bites
  •  promotes healing of wounds, lesions, ulcers, and other skin ailments by stimulating collagen production and tissue regeneration
  • protects the skin from infections, viruses, and fungi by enhancing the immune system and creating a hostile environment for pathogens
  •  improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin by moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing it
  • relieves eye disorders, such as conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and eye strain, by soothing, lubricating, and refreshing the eyes

You will receive a 2 oz amber UVA protected bottle with a spray lid. Directions are to spray 1 to 2 times on clean affected area. Ingredients are Organic Glycerin, Purified Water, and Sarracenia Purpurea Powder. We also offer oral Sarracenia Purpurea in our web store.

There are hundreds of pox viruses. If you want to read more about them here is a link with more information. (click open all).



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