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It’s Spring!

It is finally spring and people are excited to be getting flowers soon, I know I am! For the bees it is important to grow native plants that produce nectar in your gardens that do not have neonicotinoid seed coatings. These seed coating are systemic pesticides that go into the stem of the plant, which then becomes prevalent in the pollen and nectar. When buying seeds or plants always ask if the plants are neonic-free.

Most flowers bought at conventional nurseries and home improvement stores have these coatings, since it is approved by the EPA, which is ridiculous since they are deadly to our pollinators. Many people do not realize that these chemicals are not biodegradable. The chemicals remain in the soil for years. The problem with these seed coatings is that only a small percentage goes into the stem, the rest leaks into the soil and water table and winds up in our wells, drinking water, and streams. Insects and animals are drinking these poisons.

Chemicals are a bio-solid made from oils. Bees have small tongues, and all the chemicals float on top of the water. When bees or other animals take a drink, what they receive is a heavy dose of the chemicals on top of the water, not just the water itself below the chemical film. We are responsible for our planet and ecosystem. We can all make a difference and help save the bees just by choosing chemical free flowers!

Happy Spring! We are getting ready to start our seed planting and hoping for another wonderful harvest year! We are growing a larger variety of herbs this year and will be offering more organic herbs, teas and remedies. We have a lot of herbs and teas not listed on this platform so if you are looking for something special feel free to message us. Also, our shipping is always free with no minimum purchase requirements. Many Blessings!

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