Elecampane Tincture

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Elecampane is excellent for respiratory health and digestive disorders. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-parasitic.

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With many respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, the bronchial tubes become red and swollen making it difficult to breathe. Elecampane root is rich in the phytochemicals; helenalin, helenin and most importantly inulin. Inulin coats and soothes the bronchial passages whilst acting as an expectorant helping to reduce bronchial secretions and cleansing the lungs of congestion. Soothes the irritation and inflammation that results from coughing, while also acting as a cough suppressant.

This herb also contains a large amount of prebiotic soluble fiber inulin, which supports a healthy intestinal tract and helps to lower gut inflammation. 

  1. Respiratory Health: Elecampane has been traditionally used to support lung health and respiratory function. It’s often employed to soothe coughs and address respiratory conditions like tuberculosis.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Elecampane has anti-inflammatory effects, which could be beneficial for various health conditions. It contains the phytochemical alantolactone, believed to contribute to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Antibacterial Activity: Elecampane may possess antibacterial properties, making it useful for combating infections.
  4. Digestive Support: This herb contains a significant amount of prebiotic soluble fiber called inulin, which supports a healthy intestinal tract. Elecampane has carminative (gas relief), antispasmodic (prevents or relieves muscle spasms), anti-inflammatory (prevents inflammation in the body), and antibacterial (germ-fighting) properties.
  5. Anti-parasitic: The phytochemicals alantolactone and isoalantolactone contained in the roots of Elecampane have anthelmintic and anti-parasitic properties. These compounds are effective in destroying and expellling parasites from the intestine such as; roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, whipworms and threadworms.

We use Organic Elecampane Root and a state-of-the-art microprocessor for our infusing process of milling, blending, heating and steeping our extractions precisely at the correct temperature and correct sequence give us an exceptional extract for you.  We use Non GMO Vodka (Tito’s) for our tinctures. With tinctures, you only have to take a few drops, not teaspoons and is easy to travel with. You can refrigerate or freeze as well. Comes in a 2 ounce amber UVA protected bottle.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us with them. Many Blessings!
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